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Discover Exactly How To Complete The Firefighter Application Form…

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…With Our Comprehensive Insdier Recruitment DVD

Our unique insider firefighter application DVD will show you exactly how to complete the application form so that you will pass on your very first attempt!

The application form is the very first part of the firefighter recruitment process and it is essential that you complete it properly if you are to move on to the next stage. Contained within this DVD you will discover exactly what the assessors are looking for on your application for, what not to write and essential hints and tips to get you to stand out from the other cadidates.

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Completing The Firefighter Application Form Successfully

Here are two quick but essential tips that are taken from the DVD  that will help you to complete the application form correctly and not be part of the 80% of applicants that are unsuccessful.

Tip #1 – Match the Personal Attributes Of A Firefighter

rick Firefighter Application FormAs part of the application form you will be asked a series of questions that are focused around the firefighter Personal Qualities & Attributes (PQA’s).

What this means is that the recruitment assessors are looking to see if you meet the requirements of the ‘firefighter specification’ and will therefore be able to deal with scenarios approrpiately.

It is therefore imperative that on your application form you match the PAQ’s of that of a firefighter.You will firstly need to know exactly what the PAQ’s are for a firefighter and how you can then effectively portray these in your application form.

This firefighter application form DVD explains clearly to you what the PAQ’s for a firefighter are and how you can display this on your application form by structuring your answers correctly and making sure that cover each area based on your own experiences in business and personal life.

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The DVD goes in to detail about what the personal qualities and attributes (PQA’s) are and will also show you how you can match them effectively on your application form so you score highly and stand out from the competition.

 By Including The Right Keywords You Can Get The Top Marks

The questions in the application form that refer to the Personal Qualities & Attributes need to be answered in a specific way that relates to how you dealt with a scenario in your life.

Many peoples don’t take the time to complete this section properly and as a result provide a poor response that is not what the assessors are looking for.

Once you’ve decided on a relevant scenario and response to the question in hand you need to structre it correctly and explain it clearly on the application form so that you match the core competencies correctly and get the top marks.

The use of certain ‘keywords’ in your answer can really help you match the core competencies and PAQ’s The DVD will show you exactly how to structure you answer, what keywords to use and provide sample responses.


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