Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

SFRS 2 Surrey Fire and Rescue ServiceSurrey Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory fire and rescue service of Surrey, England. It covers several large areas such as Guildford, Redhill, and Woking; 64 miles of motorway; and is near to 2 major airports- the London Gatwick and London Heathrow. In sum, the service covers 1,663 kilometers square with a population of more than a million.

The service has 24 fire stations installed strategically all around the area. It has more than 1000 staff that looks after the people. The Surrey County Council financed the stations through the council tax and from the central government funds.

Furthermore, 17 of the stations are operating 24 hours daily with fire engine crews and the remaining stations are operating based on the retained/on-call duty system, which means that on-call firefighters live nearby the station so they can come over within 5 minutes after a call is received.

For the wholetime stations, they are at:

  • Camberley- 2 Water Tender Ladders, Water Carrier, Landrover 4×4
  • Chertsey- Water Tender ladder, Aerial Ladder Platform, Prime Mover
  • Dorking- Water Tender Ladder, Water Carrier, Landrover 4×4, Environment Protection Unit
  • Egham- Water Tender Ladder
  • Epsom- 2 Water Tender Ladders
  • Esher- Water Tender Ladder
  • Famham- Water Tender ladder, Water Carrier, and Landrover 4×4
  • Godstone- Water Tender Ladder, Water Carrier, and Incident Response Unit
  • Leatherhead- Water Tender Ladder, Water Carrier, British Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Unit
  • Painshill- Water Tender Ladder, Incident Command Unit, Forward Command Vehicle
  • Reigate- 2 Water Tender Ladders, Search and Rescue Tender
  • Staines- Water Tender Ladder
  • Sunbury-on-Thames- Water Tender Ladder
  • Woking- 2 Water Tender Ladders
  • Guildford- 3 Water Tender ladders, Aerial Ladder Platform, Prime Mover
  • Haslemere- 2 Water Tender Ladders, Landrover 4×4
  • Walton-on-Thames- 2 Water Tender Ladders, Swift Water Rescue Vehicle, Rigid Inflatable Boat

For stations operating based on retained duty system, they are installed in:

  • Chobham- Water Tender Ladder
  • Cranleigh- 2 Water Tender Ladders
  • Dunsfold- Water Tender Ladder and Landrover 4×4
  • Godalming- 2 Water Tender Ladders
  • Gomshall- Water Tender Ladder
  • Lingfield- Water Tender Ladder
  • Oxted- 2 Water Tender Ladders


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