Tayside Fire and Rescue Service

4000000369 Tayside Fire and Rescue ServiceTayside Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory fire and rescue service of Tayside, Scotland which has an approximate area of 7,500 kilometers square and a population of 392,000. Most of the population are living in Dundee and Perth and the rests are scattered throughout the villages and towsn in Angus, Perth and Kinross.

The service has employed 668 firefighters and owns 50 fire appliances located at 24 operational stations. The staffs are dedicated in providing quality service to the public. The wholetime stations are crewed 24 hours daily, 7 days a week; whereas retained firefighters also work 365 days a year and may have other works but once their pager beeps, they come over to the station. Most of the on-call firefighters live nearby the stations so they can come over within 5 minutes after a call is received. In addition, volunteer firefighters are also employed at 3 stations located at remote areas of Tayside. The volunteers provide emergency cover.

The service performs a lot of roles. In fact, their mission is “to provide the highest standard of fire and emergency response services to the communities we serve.” This mission then is supported by 4 pillars which are Prevention, Intervention, People and Performance. This means to say that the service is not only confined to putting out fires, rescuing people trapped from buildings or enclosed spaces, and attending to road accidents but more importantly, the service is engaged in community safety. They are coordinating with the local authorities to disseminate information and educate the public regarding fire safety measures, fire risk reduction, and fire prevention.

This is supported by 5 departments namely the Personnel Services, Technical Services, Corporate Services, Community Services, Community Safety and Risk Management.


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